U14 Summer League

Summerhill young guns march into the semifinals of the summer league with a four point win over their Trim neighbours after a pulsating encounter on Thursday evening in Summerhill.

Most pleasing of all was the fact that the home side had just 14 players against a previously unbeaten Trim side that was well stocked on the subs bench. But this u14 side has developed into a tough unit that refuse to buckle when the pressure is on, as it surely was in the second half when Trim brought the gap back to 2 points.

Darren Chapman gave a great display as stand- in keeper, while Harry Ryan and Adam Byrne quelled attack after attack. Captain Ben Farrell gave another outstanding display on the wing, while Kian Hussey and Adam Larkin prevented Trim from gaining any momentum from midfield.

Luke Moran and Adam McDonald continuously asked questions of the opposing defense, and while these are some of the prominent individuals on the night it does not diminish in any way the wonderful contributions from the rest of the team.
Semi-final takes place next Thursday against Dunderry away.

Full-time Score: 

Summerhill 4-11 Trim 2-13

Date of Match: 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Half-time Score: 

Summerhill 2-8 Trim 0-7


Darren Chapman, Harry Ryan, Adam Byrne, Gavin Mcvann, Adam McDonald (2-2), Donal Matthews, Ben Farrell, Adam Larkin, Kian Hussey (2-2, 1-0 pen), Luke Moran(0-4), Eoghan Freyne(0-1), Jamie O'Shea, Jamie Ryan Meegan(0-2).