Ladies Intermediate Championship

Summerhill took on Blackhall Gaels in the Intermediate championship which proved to be a must win for Summerhill. The pitch in Batterstown was in good condition on Saturday the 27th of August.

Summerhill started the scoring with a point from Sophia Payne, followed by a point from both Jenny Rispin and Louise Dunn Magee. Summerhill's full forward, current Meath senior goal keeper, Louise Dunn Magee netted shortly afterwards at the 7 minute mark, aided by a pass in from Jenny Rispin. Blackhall had settled down and were looking for their first score of the game which came as a point at 8 minutes. They tried to maximise with their possession with a goal however Summerhill's Olivia Comey in Number 1 caught a high ball in from Blackhall's full forward. Meath U16 player Sophia Payne pointed at 20 minutes however the home team was awarded a free which was successfully pointed by number 8, followed by another point from play by full forward number 14. Summerhill seemed determined for the last 4 minutes of the 1st half with points from Laoise Devlin and Jenny Rispin. 


In the second half, the home team's full forward kicked the ball over the bar twice in the first 3 minutes however Meath senior player and Summerhill's wing forward Rispin scored a 45 in the 5th minute. The tensions were rising and for the next 15 minutes, 3 yellow cards were given out. Also, Summerhill's management made two subs; Mary-Kate Lynch for Clodagh Gillespie and Emily Davies on for Ennis. The ball was worked into the away teams side and Blackhall netted at 12 minutes; 3 minutes later 'The Hill' wove the ball into the opposition's half and Louise Dunn Magee scored her second goal of the match. This was followed by 2 points from Blackhall, 1 point from Payne, as well as 2 points from Laoise Devlin. Summerhill's Ciara Jackson blocking a ball in from Blackhall's wing back was crucial in Kate Flynn's and Mary-Kate Lynche's points nearing the end of the 60 minute match. Blackhall's sub in number 20 pointed which was followed by Megan Lyons in 2 minutes of injury time.

Full-time Score: 

Summerhill 2-14 Blackhall Gaels 1-9

Date of Match: 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Half-time Score: 

Summerhill 1-7 Blackhall Gaels 0-4


Olivia Comey, Hannah Matthews, Julianne Scanlon, Christiana Ennis, Jane Flynn,  Andrea Pearle, Ciara Jackson, Megan Lyons (0-1), Clodagh Gillespie, Ciara Daly, Kate Flynn (0-1), Jenny Rispin (0-3), Sophia Payne (0-3), Louise Dunne Magee(2-02), Laoise Devlin (0-3).


Emily Davies for Christiana Ennis.
Mary-Kate Lynch (0-1) for Clodagh Gillespie.
Ciara May. 
Meadhbh Dardis.
Aoife McCabe.
Lauren Moody.
Tara Nangle.