ACF 'B' League Div 4 Round 3

Summerhill lost their B-League Div 4 clash to Bective in Summerhill on Tuesday evening  on a scoreline of 3-11 to 1-9.

Full-time Score: 

Summerhill 1-9 Bective 3-11

Date of Match: 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Half-time Score: 


Garry Gill,  Sean Ryan, John Comey, Patrick Troy, Jack Bruton, David Myles, Harry Hatton, Richard Fox (0-1) Conor McNally (0-1), Robert Lynch (0-1), Mark Gormley (0-1), Eoin Crowe (0-3), Mark Donohue, Ray Comey, Donal Feely (1-1).


Rod McAauliffe (0-2) ht for Conor McNally
Cathal ryan  ht   for Mark Gormley
Gereoid Dardis 40mins for Richard Fox
Gavin Brilly 40 mins for Ray Comey
Richard Fox 50 mins for Cathal Ryan (injury)