Race night results

Race no. 1Div 1 : Horse no. 8. won. Horse /jockey Dancing Queen/ Rebecca Myles: Owner Stephen Husband. Trainer. Ashleigh Garry
Race no. 1Div 2. Horse no. 8 won. Horse/ Jockey. Lily/ Hannah Matthews. Owner. Willie Elloitt. Trainer Dave Roberts.

Race no. 2 Div 1. Horse no. 5 won. Horse / jockey Starburst/ Sarah Myles. Owner Tony McDonnell. Trainer. Kathleen McDonnell.
Race no. 2 Div 2. Horse /jockey.Amys Hero/ Amy Phillips. Owner Ann Tallon. Trainer. Tommy Daly Snr.

Race no. 3 Div 1. Horse no. 5 won.Horse /jockey. Billionaire/ Mickey Mooney. Owner Richie Hatton. Trainer Richie Hatton.
Race no  3 Div 2. Horse/ jockey The Monkey/ Dara McVann. Owner Conor Rispin. Trainer Vicky Rispin.

Race no. 4 Div 1. Horse 5 won. Horse /jockey. Turkish delight/ Aisling Crowe. Owner Adrian Kenny. Trainer Adrian Kenny
Race no  4 Div 2. Horse /jockey. Wheres Ben/ John Lynch. Owner Maree Malone. Trainer Macca ( Maree Malone)

Race no. 5 Div 1 Horse no. 1 won. Horse/jockey . Rocky Road/ Jack Farrell. Owner Mick Gorman ( Sheena/Davy Daltons job)Trainer Lisa McVann.
Race no. 5 Div 2.Horse /Jockey Cheeky Cherry/ Eimear Chapman. Owner Little Rip. Trainer Jenny Rispin.

Race no. 6 . Horse no. 5 won. Horse/ Jockey Horans Pride / Rebecca Horan. Owner Isabella Choice. Trainer John Doe ( Owner /trainer Ruth Foley).

Race no  7 . Horse no. 8 won. Horse/jockey. Divas Joy/ Vanessa Healy. Owner Jackie Blackwell. Trainer Orla Madden.

Race no. 8. Horse 10 won. Horse/jockey The Grasshopper/ Iarla Hughes.Owner Ardrums Star. Trainer Ricky Bobby. ( Owner /trainer Justin Ennis)

Thanks again to Centra, Summerhill who were our main sponsor on the night, to all our other sponsors and everyone who bought horses/owners/trainers and all who supported us on the night.