Changes to fixture Planner for June/July

The CCCC have issued the following changes to the Fixture Planner for June & July. 

All fixtures scheduled until 21st June will go ahead.

Hurling Championship for w/e 26th June will be rescheduled to the 3rd July, some with provisional fixtures for 4th/5th July. 

Friday 24th June  Full round of 'A' Leagues Div.1&Div 2

Sunday morning 26th June R3.Junior 'C' & Junior 'D'Championships.           

4th & 5th July Knockout Competitions 

7th & 8th July R4. Junior 'C' & Junior 'D' Championships

10th July  Back matches in Junior 'A'& Junior 'B'Championship

W/E 10th July 'A'' League

11th July Full round of 'B' Leagues

17th July Round 2 Hurling Championships

24th July Round 3. Hurling Championships 

25th July Round of 'B'Leagues

31st July Junior 'A' & Junior 'B' Championships

W/E 31st July Round of 'A' Leagues Div1. & Div 2.

Round 2 games in Senior & Intermediate Football Championships CANNOT be given any set date at this time. 



Wednesday, June 15, 2016