1986 Senior County Champions

Summerhill 0-13 Seneschalstown 1-8

From left, back row; Peter Nangle, Eddie Daly, Noel Young, Willie Ryan, Mick Lyons, Ciaran McNelis, Séamus Thompson, Terry Lyons. front row; Robert Munnelly, Christy McNevin, Pádraic Lyons, Liam Duggan, John Lyons, Eugene Gorry, Pat Jennings.

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Summerhill were once again at the 'top of the crop' in the Meath Senior Championship - Winners of the Keegan Cup for the fifth time in 13 years! This batch of stars couldn't be compared to the teams of the successful seventies ...... but they fully deserved their right to be Champions of Meath!

They started off the year with an easy 1-10 to 0-4 victory over Skryne, who had knocked the 'hill out in 1985. They then defeated their neighbours and rivals Moynalvey by 10 points, followed by a 14 point hammering of St.Patrick's. Summerhill met Syddan in the quarter-final and beat them by 3 points.

In the semi-final, the 'hill were less than impressive against Nobber. They failed to score in the second-half but scraped through by 1-6 to 0-8. Eugene Gorry scored 3 of the vital points in the semi-final and Robert Munnelly was impressive all year, scoring 5 goals in the championship. Unfortunately Dennis Murtagh was sent off in the semi-final and missed the final through suspension. This was a big loss to Summerhill but young Peter Nangle was called in for the final.

The only thing standing in Summerhill's way now was Seneschalstown! They had worked their way nicely through the group and knockout stages. They had quality players in Colm Coyle, Mattie McCabe and Pádraig Coyle, and would not be easy opponents for the 'hill!


Final round-up by Brian Rispin

1st min - Pádraig Coyle pointed an early 20 yard free for Seneschalstown. 0-0 to 0-1.

2nd min - From Willie Ryan's kickout, Mattie McCabe caught it, raced towards the goal and kicked an easy point. 0-0 to 0-2. A great start by Seneschalstown and Summerhill were looking a little nervous!

Terry Lyons was an outstanding full-back all year for the 'hill.

3rd min - Mick Lyons' long free was well caught by Christy McNevin, who turned inside and fired over Summerhill's first point of the game. 0-1 to 0-2.

Christy McNevin had an excellent final, kicking points with both feet.

8th min - Noel Young played a superb cross-field pass to Mick Lyons in centre-field. He sold a cheeky dummy inside his marker and kicked a terrific point from 40 yards out. 0-2 each.

Mick Lyons was absolutely awesome in the final, getting the 'man of the match' award.

12th min - An anxious moment as Paul McCabe passed to Brendan Carey who fisted it over Willie Ryan and over the bar. It was a decent goal chance for Seneschalstown! 0-2 to 0-3.

Liam Duggan battled hard in defence for the 'hill.

19th min - Mick Lyons powered through the centre, laid it off to John Lyons who knocked over the equaliser. 0-3 each.

John Lyons caused a few headaches for his opponents!

23rd min - Pat Jennings made a great block in defence, and passed the ball to Ciarán McNelis. He played an excellent ball to John Lyons, who slipped it out to Robert Munnelly. He fired over an excellent team score. 0-4 to 0-3.

Robert Munnelly had a great year in the Summerhill colours.

25th min - Mattie McCabe pointed a free to put the sides level again. 0-4 each.

26th min - Pat Jennings went on the attack before being fouled 50 yards out. Mick Lyons pointed the resulting free with a superb kick from the ground. 0-5 to 0-4.

Pat Jennings was a very consistent player, excellent defender!

27th min - Noel Young made a huge catch in midfield. He hand-passed it to Mick Lyons who returned it to Young. He kicked a spectacular point from 50 yards out. 0-6 to 0-4.

Noel Young was both an attacking and a defensive player, a great all-rounder!

28th min - Séamus Thompson made a good block when Seneschalstown had a goal chance.

Séamie Thompson was a solid defender and done a good job in the final.

Half-time score-line: Summerhill 0-6, Seneschalstown 0-4.

1st min - Pádraic Lyons played a long ball in. Robert Munnelly broke it down to John Lyons. He weaved his way inside and slotted over a nice point. 0-7 to 0-4.

2nd min - Noel Young won the kick-out and gave it to Eugene Gorry. He raced inside and kicked a great point. 0-8 to 0-4.

Eugene Gorry's scoring ability was crucial in the hill's success.


7th min - Eddie Daly fouled 20 yards out. Mattie McCabe pointed the free. 0-8 to 0-5.

Eddie Daly was a sticky corner back, tough marker!

11th min - Two off-the ball incidents from each side within a minute. Eddie Daly was booked. Pádraig Coyle slotted over the resulting free. 0-8 to 0-6.

12th min - Andrew Young came on for Peter Nangle.

Peter Nangle was a surprise inclusion in the final, but done a good job for the 'hill.

14th min - Mick Lyons won the ball in front of his own goals. He passed to Pat Jennings who delivered to Ciarán McNelis. He sent it in to Bob Munnelly who was fouled. Eugene Gorry pointed the resulting free for Summerhill. 0-9 to 0-6.

Young Ciarán McNelis worked hard in attack and around midfield for the 'hill.

16th min - John Lyons lobbed a high ball in from near the right sideline. Christy McNevin caught it and sharply fired the ball over with his left foot. 0-10 to 0-6.

17th min - Pádraic Lyons took a short free from defence to Noel Young who returned it to Lyons. From almost 60 yards, Pádraic Lyons drove the ball between the posts. A massive kick! 0-11 to 0-6.

Captain Pauric Lyons was incredible in defence for Summerhill!

18th min - Pádraig Coyle was fouled and pointed the free-kick himself. 0-11 to 0-7.

20th min - Eugene Gorry done a nice 'one-two' with Andy Young and pointed a good score. 0-12 to 0-7.

Andy Young played his part in the great success.

24th min - Mattie McCabe kept Seneschalstown in touch with a point. 0-12 to 0-8.

26th min - Eddie Daly made a good diving block and the second shot by the Seneschalstown attacker was brilliantly saved by Willie Ryan. He then dived on the rebound and won a free out.

Willie Ryan was making a name for himself as the best goalkeeper in Meath!

29th min - Summerhill charged forward. Bob Munnelly passed it to Mick Lyons in midfield. Lyons powered though the defence and gave it to Noel Young. He brilliantly slotted over the insurance point for the 'hill. The crowd went wild! 0-13 to 0-8.

Veteran player John Gibbons came on as substitute to play his part in the success.

31st min - Mattie McCabe gave Seneschalstown a glimmer of hope with a well taken goal in the right corner. 0-13 to 1-8.


33rd min - Willie Ryan kicked the ball out and the final whistle sounded. Summerhill had won their long awaited fifth Senior crown!

The team in the final was: 1.Willie Ryan; 2.Eddie Daly, 3.Terry Lyons, 4.Séamus Thompson; 5.Pat Jennings, 6.Pádraic Lyons (0-1), 7.Liam Duggan; 8.Noel Young (0-2), 9.Mick Lyons (0-2); 10.Ciarán McNelis, 11.Peter Nangle, 12.Eugene Gorry (0-3); 13.Robert Munnelly (0-1), 14.John Lyons (0-2), 15.Christy McNevin (0-2). Subs.: Andy Young for Nangle, John Gibbons for A.Young.

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